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Doling out Kindness at

Welcome to, where my current topic of interest is to administer a heaping helping dose of kindness and virtual love. It’s been a pretty long few months for many of us, and it just occurred to me that one thing that people can’t have enough of is loving kindness.

Kindness isn’t just “being nice.” In my view, it’s a combination of positive emotion, feeling and empathy for others before “being nice” comes into play. Let me give you a quick example: The other day I was at the produce market and had only 3 items. As I scouted out the least busy checkout lines, a woman with a cart-full of goods and I came upon the same checkout line we had both seen at the same time.

She and I smiled at one another, and I felt myself “sending out loving vibes” her way (for lack of a better term). At that moment, she waved me forward, wanting me to go ahead of her. “You only have a couple of items,” she said.

I smiled and waved her on instead. “You were absolutely here first,” I said. “No, please!” she said, waving me toward the checkout. I laughed and said, “Oh but I must insist that you go first. I want a few extra minutes to do bicep curls with these items!” She laughed, and finally went ahead, thanking me.

At that moment another person from yet another line burst out laughing and said, “I love this! I love to see people ‘arguing’ to be kind! We need more of this!”

Finally, all of a sudden people were smiling and chatting about a variety of things, such as, “Oh! I notice you got one of those small watermelons! Are they as sweet as they say?” or, “I almost bought that coffee! Do you like it?”

It truly is remarkable how sometimes the smallest acts can change the direction of an entire day. But, and I bring myself back to my original thought: It really has to start with a feeling and emotion within oneself FIRST. Once you are “armed” with positivity from within, it will bubble out and overflow to others in the most wonderful manner you might imagine.

Thank you for visiting, and have a healthy and happy day!